Here we are at covernotes in the Hil, on an overcast Saturday afternoon. What was once an old school house has now been converted into a coffee shop bookstore combination. Its a nice alternative to the cookie-cutter coffee shops which are found on every corner (especially in suburbia). Unlike the corporate-modeled coffee joint, there’s certainly a homey feeling here. Its laid-back atmosphere, accompanied by Dallas Green faintly playing in the background, and shelves and shelves of books, create a new found staple in Richmond Hill. The staff are both knowledgeable, accommodating and super friendly. From china patterned tea cups, to exposed brick walls it offers a unique experience.  


Like most coffee shops you can get your coffee fix here, however unlike most conventional coffee shops it offers a wide variety of loose leaf teas and specialty coffees as well. Part of the experience is receiving your tea in a tea pot accompanies by a whimsically patterned teacup. All of their products come from local vendors, or in house (including their coffee).


 What also makes the experience unique is their support for talent from within Richmond Hill’s borders: art from local artists are proudly displayed on their walls, and they occasionally host acoustic nights on Mondays.

What did we eat? We spent the afternoon noming on a date square, and a butter tart. They were both AMAZEBALLS (which is high-ranking in our books).   

Rachel drank the caramel cream rooibos, which was a light and creamy tea, with a hint of the taste of caramel. Overall, it was a very tasty tea. Sara got the in-house coffee, which was equally as delicious.

All in all, we both spend lots of time at Covernotes and highly recommend it.


10268 Yonge St.

Richmond Hill